The Last Superbowl book cover

The Last Superbowl is one of the most exciting page-turners I’ve ever read. This tough, tense story of the lives and loves of big league football stars, jumps right out of the headlines and grabs you by the throat. What an ending…. What a story…. What a great movie!” — Jimmy Breslin

“What most people look for in a book is a good story. Robin Moore gives us about ten of them in The Last Superbowl, woven into one great story line, that ends with the most terrifying intensity . . . before a nationwide TV audience and a crowd of some 75,000 fans. It is a chilling, thrilling, action-packed novel. And Robin Moore is at his super-best in this one.” — Irv Kupcinet, Chicago Sun-Times Syndicated Columnist.

“This is a shocker from the opening page. A great story about life, love, pain and an ending that packs a thunderous wallop.” — Allie Sherman, Former Head Coach, New York Giants