Sargasso book cover

As the whole world watches, an American space capsule splashes down in the Sargasso Sea in the heart of the Bermuda Triangle. Then, in the space of a few seconds, a colossal drama begins to unfold – adding yet another mystery to the far reaches of space and to the unfathomable depths of an area in the sea where, for centuries, men and ships have vanished without a trace…
What happens when the capsule is opened is only the beginning of an odyssey that moves swiftly from the bottom of the ocean to the heights of political power, taking the reader from the busy decks of an American aircraft carrier to the silent menace of a Russian “fishing ship”; from the enigmas of the Devil’s Triangle to the ruthless logic of international intrigue; from the desk of a desperate American President guarding a deadly secret to the sea-borne laboratory of an equally desperate American scientist in danger of falling victim to that same secret.
An exciting story of underwater adventure, political maneuvering, and baffling natural phenomena.