What If The Atomic Bomb Doesn’t Work?

The Strategic Air Command’s nuclear bombers are airborne. Six hundred Minuteman missile sites are activated and prepared for attack. The U.S. nuclear submarine fleet is submerged and operating under sealed orders.

Across the North Pole, Russia’s missile countdown is holding at two hours from zero. And Red China has mobilized and gone to Condition Yellow.

Then, with the world only hours away from nuclear destruction, U.S. Senator Hugh McGavin asks:

 What if the atomic bomb doesn’t work?

 What if it never worked?

This startling new novel asks these questions—and more. It dramatizes the futile treadmill of the arms race; probes the collective guilt of the men who decided to drop the first atomic bomb against Japan; and leads again and again to the question:

How do you know the atomic bomb works? Did you ever see one go off? Or have you merely seen newsreels that could have been faked?

THE JESUS FACTOR moves from Washington to Hiroshima, from Moscow to a tiny island named Tinian in the South Pacific, where young Hugh McGavin flew the first atomic bombing mission in 1945. Now he puts the pieces of a fantastic puzzle together and asks:

Why is the Jesus Factor the best kept secret in human history?

“Corley doesn’t let himself get flapped. He is a fascinating storyteller.”  – Mario Puzo, author of The Godfather