The instructions were found written in bright orange lipstick on the mirror of one of the restrooms. The note was direct and unequivocal: THIS IS NO JOKE! I’VE HIDDEN A BOMB ABOARD THIS PLANE. I CAN SET IT OFF ANY TIME WITH A RADIO….

A few minutes earlier TransAmerica Flight 901 had been a routine flight from New York to San Francisco. But now the 707 under the command of Captain Michael O’Hara and his crew had joined the growing armada of hijacked aircraft – a list which had become so long that it almost seemed routine, except that the hijacking of Flight 901 was unique. Neither the passengers nor crew had any idea which of them was the hijacker, or what final destination the hijacker had planned for the flight.

For the next several hours officials of the airline, the FBI and other federal agents on the ground would join with the crew in the air in an attempt to discover and thwart the hijacker. But the experience of coping with other hijackings would be of little use in forecasting the course or destination of Flight 901.

“A flight to remember!” – The New York Times

“… a rare combination that marks the most enjoyable of the best sellers.” —Roderick Thorp, author of The Detective.