A Murder of Crows book cover

We were walking down a sun-baked Kentucky road, and at every step a rifle bullet spanged into the ruts and sent up puffs of dust.
“Don’t run,” I told the girl at my side. “It might throw off his aim.”

So begins a new suspense series featuring one of the most unlikely partnerships in fiction – Benjamin Lincoln Shock, a tough ex-cop fired off the force; and Charity Tucker, a former TV newsgirl with a computer for a brain, and an unreasonably wonderful body.
Surrounded by clannish hill people, by the strange members of the Unknown Tongue religious sect, and by unidentified killers whose weapon is fire and brimstone, Ben and Charity fight to save the life of a lovely girl marked for elimination by the combined forces of superstition and greed.
The action ranges from the excitement of a Kentucky race track to the coiled horror of a snake farm high in the hills; from the challenge of a Faith Leader who calls himself Blind Judd to the strange, moving experience of a Kentucky wake.
Come – meet Ben and Charity. You’ll be glad you did.

(This novel was co-written by Edwin Corley and Jack Murphy; they shared the pseudonym of Patrick Buchanan).