A Requiem of Sharks book cover

Finding a shark in the swimming pool was surprising. Even more so was the sudden appearance of a stark naked red-haired girl who dashed from the house and leaped into the pool. Then as the shark made a swift circle around the girl, she apparently saw it for the first time. She clawed at the water and screamed.
This shattering scene met Ben Shock and his beautiful, brainy partner, Charity Tucker, as they entered the Dantzler estate. Their frantic efforts to rescue the redhead failed, and only by a hairbreadth did Ben escape her fate.
Lisa Dantzler’s lawyer had summoned them to Singing River, a little Mississippi town on the Gulf of Mexico. Unknown saboteurs were wrecking the Dantzler Oil Company’s offshore drilling operations. Ben, a tough ex-cop from New York, and the irresistible Charity were hired as trouble-shooters – trouble that was to draw them into a vortex of violence. For while they were trying to find out who was behind the deadly campaign of harassment, another enemy was lying in wait. Hilda, a tropical storm, was brewing out on the Gulf.
Here are Ben and Charity in their third and most exciting case, a case which involves money, beautiful women, and human killers who are as savage as the requiem shark and much more dangerously cunning.

(This novel was co-written by Edwin Corley and Jack Murphy; they shared the pseudonym of Patrick Buchanan).