Air Force One. It is the most important airplane in the world, used to transport the most important man in the world, the President of the United States.

Edwin Corley’s new novel is an exclusive trip aboard the plane’s most fateful flight.

The personal stories of the highly skilled and dedicated crew of this unique aircraft—their lives, loves, dangers, and frustrations, as well as the ways in which they carry out this particular harrowing mission—are told in rich detail which has so far been unavailable to any other writer. The plane itself emerges as a character as it takes off on a mission which is endangered by enemies on board, by harassment from a cost-cutting Senator, by interference from government agencies jealous of their authority, and, most strangely, by the sudden and totally unexpected appearance, high over the heartland of our nation, of an antique World War II fighter plane. Add to this the fact that the President is unable to communicate with the Strategic Air Command, which is only moments away from a Red Alert, and you have all the ingredients for a fast-moving, suspenseful story of intrigue and adventure.

It’s a first-class voyage into excitement—written by the only author ever permitted by the White House to go backstage to find out what really happens in the operation of this unique plane.

“Fascinating, behind-the-scenes look at the White House air fleet, with a suspense-filled story to boot.” — Fletcher Knebel, co-author of Seven Days in May.