Edwin Corley (as Will Collins)

Pyramid Books – New York – 1976 Paperback
More blood-curdling and spellbinding than JAWS.
The summer has started peacefully, with campers invading the lush forests of the National Park. Then, quite suddenly, two teenage girls are hideously attacked and devoured by a raging, 18-foot, 2,000-pound grizzly bear!
The hunt is on! Overnight the forest comes alive with police helicopters, rangers’ walkie-talkies, and the rifle shots of local hunters gone mad with blood lust. Panicked back-packers scurry to safer sites…
But the man-eating grizzly, swift, furious, and hungry, has an uncanny instinct for survival. He has tasted human flesh and will attack again… and again… and again…
From each hair-raising moment to the final spine-chilling confrontation between man and beast, GRIZZLY is a fast-paced terror-filled suspense novel that simply can’t be put down!
The 1976 motion picture, Grizzly, starring Christopher George and Richard Jaeckel, is currently available on DVD