Cold River


Edwin Corley (as William Judson)

Mason / Charter – New York – 1974 Hardcover
Signet – New York – 1976 Paperback
C.Bertelsmann – Munich – 1976 Hardcover
Ravensburger – Munich – 1979 Paperback
When Lizzy, 14, and Tim, 13, set out on a long awaited camping trip with their father into the majestic wilderness of the Adirondack Mountains, it promised to be the most spectacular event yet in their young lives. But how were they to know this great adventure would soon become an experience in sheer terror – a battle for survival through one of the worst snowstorms of the century. And it was a battle they would have to face alone, for their father would never make it out alive.
The year was 1921. They had only a few days’ ration of food and water; their maps, compass, and most of their camping gear were lost in a canoe accident. Their father knew it would take every bit of ingenuity and luck to get them out alive. The last accomplishment of his life would be to prepare them for the grueling ordeal ahead for a freak accident was ticking his life away, and his children would soon have to go it alone through the worst winter in 20 years.
William Judson’s genius for detail and drama are fully apparent in this tightly written, frighteningly real adventure.
This novel is still available in its English and German editions.  The 1981 motion picture Cold River, starring Suzanne Weber and Pat Petersen, is also available on VHS and DVD.